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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pubs can abdicate. >> i do not know what to say more than this. just a real surprise. >> no one has done at. pope benedict xvi said it 16 years ago. if he does not have the strength to go on to perform his duties he should step down. something that no one has considered in modern times. >> the pope today has to conduct hundreds if not thousands of audiences, meetings, encounters every year. it takes a tremendous physical toll. >> pope benedict xvi has always been a low-key person. he will retire to spiritual life is not a monastery for the rest of his life while someone else will take his place. >> the archbishop called the man
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a -- the pope and a man of prayer. many were shocked and surprised by the announcement. barry simms is live in baltimore with reaction. >> he was with the pope's seven weeks and said after hearing the news, he decided to offer prayers for the church, the pope, and he also asked the faithful to the same. -- to do the same. >> many are finding it hard to believe that they respect his decision to step down. >> i applaud him for the decision. to make the decision you can no longer make -- do the job you're elected to do. >> maybe he is feeling sick or
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he needs some rest. >> the bishop has also reflected on the probe political legacy and the surprise resignation. >> i hope we would recognize the humanity of this pope who recognized that the stamina required for this role was not his any longer. >> the chairman of the theology department at loyola said the authority of the pope is not tied to the person that the office. >> are resigning he is doing something really innovative. -- by reciting he is doing something innovative. it is good to be reminded that the pope we think of as being traditional can really surprise us. >> cardinal edwin o'brien who has served as the archbishop of baltimore said this was an act of selflessness and humanithumi.
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who will succeed pope benedict xvi? >> the -- whether he comes from a developer not, certainly that will be a big consideration. can he embrace every language and culture on the free -- face of this earth? job description that is. >> stephanie percy calls that a big change pre >> i think we are still going on. >> the archbishop's says he does remember times when the pope said if he did not have the stamina for the job that he would resign. >> thank you. our team coverage of the pope's resignation continues on line.
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we will continue to monitor any activity when it comes to replacement. you can catch a slide show of pope benedict xvi throughout the years and reaction from the world trade >> i see red conditions may be to blame for our a crash -- icy road conditions may be to blame for a bus crash. devin spence was killed on his way to work when his car slid across the center line, hitting an oncoming school bus. in happened before 7:00 a.m. this morning along soltan road. his vehicle burst into flames and spot across the roadway. the bus was carrying five kids to school in pennsylvania but none of the students was hurt. officials are trying to figure out what caused a roaring fire over the weekend that tore through towson family's home. flames broke out sunday afternoon along the 1500 block of providence rhode. when firefighters arrived the heavy flames were pouring from the second floor. seven people were inside at the
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time but everyone was able to escape safely. >> new details emerging from the ball -- bethany baltimore city woman whose body was found after a fire friday night. it turns that she knew her attacker. >> police have charged monty carter with murder. they seized over property and then he still alive. iel and tony fisher were still trying to absorb the fact she was dead. her body was discovered in the homes basement lying face down. >> she was restrained by electrical cords and take. >> conyers had suffered from head trauma. there was blood on the floor and covering the computer which appeared to be broken during the struggle. >> monty carter had some kind of
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casual dating situation. they had met online as the suspect had admitted. >> carter took her car and used your atm card to buy cigarettes and other items and sell them to buy drugs. he admitted he had been using heroin and cocaine for several days before the fire. police caught up with him saturday driving her car. meanwhile, the city health department is warning her death. she worked there as a researcher for the bureau of hiv services. correction was a very private and europe -- nice young lady. >> and become a poll of i cannot help but look at that house across the street. because i am looking for her. i'm looking for corporate i am looking for a mother. it is a void right there. -- i am looking for her car. i am looking for a mother. it is a void right there. >> police will not say whether or not it was a cover-up for her
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death. they believe the fire was related to conyers' death. >> two goats are dead and one of the dogs responsible is still on the list. to jog -- two dogs charged in an attack the animals. the honor said they opened fire when the dogs turn toward them. one husky was killed and the other, a shepherd-husky mix, ran off. anyone with information should contact animal control. >> held without bail and charged as an adult. the 14-year-old accused of killing his sister was back in court this afternoon. montgomery county police say that jonathan began suffocated 7-month-old larissa when his mother was at work.
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he covered her mouth and nose to make her stop crying. the child was pronounced dead early friday morning. he is charged with first-degree murder. >> cloudy skies and relatively mild february temperatures across the baltimore area after some morning rain. the clouds have around. look temperatures in the upper 40's to the mid 50's. you see the skies are trying to clear up. we will see some colder temperatures moving in and that rain may lead to some wintry weather. there is some snow in the forecast. we will detail that in a few minutes. >> the new fee to have your trash picked up. stephanie rawlings ligblake on
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what is on store for the city. >> the mayor probably will not be too popular of a person after today after she talked about sweeping cuts and reforms. in her state of the city address. something that needs to be done to make the city financially better. >> the question for this generation of city leadership is this. well baltimore cement a true turnaround toward future growth or will we allow a hard-fought victory to become a more -- a momentary pause, a footnote in the continuing story of decline? >> the mayor making it clear during her state of the city address monday that some unpopular choices are going to be made in order to save the city from financial ruin. the sector -- a report last week conducted by a philadelphia financial firm showing baltimore will be $750 million in the red
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in 10 years and face $1.30 billion shortfall in city infrastructure. while the mayor's speech was highlighted by the mayor's accomplishments of her past three years including drops in violent crime, or to strengthen gun laws, record low fire deaths, improvement of blighted neighborhoods, job creation, and education, all eyes and ears were on the mayor for her so- called 10-year financial plan. >> this plan does not solve all our problems. no realistic plan ever does. but it will show with greater confidence that baltimore, more than any other city in america act, is taking responsibility in getting its own house in order. >> the mayor is proposing sweeping pension reform, requiring employees to contribute to their retirement accounts, expanding wellness programs to make sure all depended health coverage is legitimate, modernizing the city's vehicle fleet to reduce maintenance costs, a negotiating
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a new schedule for fire fighters coming increasing pay but also the workweek to 52 hours, reducing the city's work force by 10%, creating new fees for solid waste and recycling, a new storm water fee. it could reduce property taxes by 22%. the mayor talked about enlisting the tax-exempt status for non- profit properties which could bring in millions of dollars of revenue into the city. the mayor will host a presentation of her 10-year plan to give the business and residential communities a better idea of what she is planning to cut and what fees to put in place. >> sounds like a lot of changes in store. an early-morning shooting at a courthouse in delaware. >> three people are dead including the suspected gunman. what police say they do not think this was random. >> attending mass is a lot
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colder for attendees at a church. why
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x we are following some breaking news at of the towson area. traffic is backing up due to an accident before the charles street exit. it happened before 5:00 p.m. this evening. we can confirm no fatalities and the beltway is not completely shut down by you do see one lane there. the cars lined up trying to attend to those people involved. a church in anne arundel county is tens of thousands of dollars in the red and parishioners are colder than usual. it was the recent target of thieves. the thieves are still on the run. someone stole four he pumps from -- heat pumps from gloria dei. no suspects have been named. >> severe eric stenosis as the
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narrowing of the heart valve which interferes with the body's blood flow. usually open heart surgery is the only way to correct a problem but for some it is too dangerous. a new procedure is helping those high-risk patients get the replacement may need. 93-year-old ethel eaton loves getting around with her grandchildren. a year ago she was a different person. >> really tired and i would do a little bit of something and i would have to sit down. could not breathe right. >> she had severe aortic stenosis. >> the build was worn out and damage. as it heals it becomes calcified and hard and the opening becomes restricted. that can live -- lead to a multitude of symptoms.
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it becomes a mechanical obstruction and requires a mechanical solution. >> that solution, trans-catheter aortic replacement. often medication is not enough. it is made of stainless steel frame and. tissue on the inside. the doctor puts a hollow tube in an artery through the leg. a balloon is inserted through the sheets into the blood vessel to the article valve. a fluid-filled balloon is expanded to crack open the old valve to make room for the new one. it is done in two hours. >> getting your tonsils out was more pain than the operation that i had. like i say, i got my second life. >> good for her. the doctor says tavr has its own
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risk. it is important to be screened to make sure you are a good candidate. swelling of the tongue and the bombing can be signs of a food allergy. peanuts are the biggest offender. johnny has had a peanut allergy. they're hoping -- helping him overcome his allergy. we were there when he bit into the peanut butter sandwich for the first time. i will show you what happened afterward and how his doctor explains -- his doctor explains how the treatment were. >> >> summerlin that moved through here earlier moved quickly and left a lot of cloud cover. clearing things out nicely even
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though the rain has been gone. it was a decent rain here. poor -- 0.41 inches on the rain gauge. below normal for the month. 4.3 inches of total precipitation so far. the high temperature today, 52 degrees with an average of 44. the record low temperature is notable. 6 below zero on this day in 1899. we were in the midst of the worst arctic outbreak to hit this part of the nation and baltimore -- there was a five- day stretch where temperatures were 7 veloz 0. april arctic outbreak in february of 1899. that is when the record low for this day was set. no arctic air here this afternoon. temperatures are in the 40's and low 50's. 56 degrees at the inner arbour. 61 at salisbury. 55 and ocean city.
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55 at alton. western maryland has not cooled off yet. there's a front west of there. temperatures in the 50's. we will see a clearing skies tonight. west winds will kick in an overnight lows reaching 338 degrees. here comes the fun out of western pennsylvania. 19 at international falls. we should see cooler air coming in tomorrow. we will enjoy some sunshine as high pressure rolls through. the potential for that getting here wednesday night. it will be tricky as first temperatures go. we do not have that arctic air in place. as we go into wednesday, clouds will increase in the morning and we get toward that wednesday evening rush hour. you see a rain-snow mix across central maryland, likely to change to just snow. after sunset wednesday evening is why we have a chance for
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accumulating snow. the ground is not that cold right now. we do not have a lot of arctic air so it will be a heavy, wet rain-snow mix. excuse through and get off the coast before dawn on thursday morning. as it is tracking through for the few hours wednesday night it might drop out a couple of inches of snow before the skies clear began heading into thursday. this is not a big nor'easter, it is coming through the south and west and will move through quickly but you will see the accumulation on this model indicating a couple of inches around here. a burst of heavier snow on the eastern shore up to the mountains so it is a quick kaeding maybe two or 3 inches wednesday night. it will not be cold enough for snow tomorrow. a high of 44 to 50. a small craft advisory on the bay. 2 3 foot waves. the mountains will cool off a little bit. look for highs in the 30's. eastern shore, we are into the 50's today.
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a mix of precipitation wednesday afternoon. temperatures tomorrow drop back to about 51 and some rain is likely on wednesday. our seven-day forecast features the mid-week mix beginning in the afternoon and ending before dawn on thursday morning. a dry day friday and another storm trying to form another nor'easter may be trying to add -- dabel on the middle atlantic coast. that is a storm have to keep a close eye on. >> the new government study may have you double checking your latest reports. >> why the fcc said she might be paying more than you have to offer mortgages and auto loans -- ftc said you might be paying more than you have to fork more than you have to fork i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
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step she can take to protect yourself. americanstone of the with an inaccurate report. >> the incorrect address, claims against myself that were incorrect. and correct birthday. >> she discovered the errors after she was denied along to start a food truck company. we first met her last october and four months later she is still fighting to fix her credit. >> i cannot stop. >> 3 credit agencies determine your credit score based on how you pay your bills and how much did you have. in a statement, a spokesman said the agency takes all your seriously. adding the vast majority of disputes are resolved in 14 days or less. >> rate of error is to be expected.
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what is to be focused on is when an error is identified whether or not that can be fixed. >> a study found a modify disputed errors 95% of the time. >> the process is not a one-man band. you have to insist, you have to commit, maybe you will have to write the letters again. >> kramer advises people to get manager of yearly credit checks and dispute errors immediately. >> she said she is in progress. only two out of a handful there still remain on her report. >> there is a recent layer of protection. the ftc began overseeing credit agencies to ensure that concerns get addressed. about men something in uniform. ladies, they were. >> those soldis may not
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always be what they seem. what you should look out for. >> reaction to pope benedict xvi stepping down. the main
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>> live, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal tv news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and donna hamilton, or forecast with tom tasselmyer, and skyteam 11 covering breaking news
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relive. wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> the world is still reeling tonight after the bombshell dropped this morning by pope benedict xvi. he broke a longstanding tradition. since the middle ages, no head of the catholic church has stepped down but pope benedict xvi has announced he will. >> the world's 1.2 billion catholics will have a new pope. our team coverage continues. the reaction of the americans and the shocker from the vatican. it is a crazy story. >> who would have expected it? even though this pontiff had warned he might abdicate if he thought the job would get too tough for him. no pope had done that in modern times. pope benedict xvi's decision came as a surprise, shocking york. >> that is big.
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i can i give a reaction now because it has not sunk in yet. >> the first pope to abdicate in 600 years. chicagoans were stunned. >> to me it is like losing a father. >> the 85-year-old cited fading health saying in a statement, " has -- i have come to a certainty that my strength due to advanced age is no longer -- i am no longer suited. >> this is a man of great integrity and looking out for what he believes is the best interest of our church. i admire him for it. >> he used twitter but had visibly slowed down as the papacy became more demanding. thanks in part to his energetic predecessor john paul ii. >> he said, i do not know of i am up to this but i will give it
5:32 pm
my best shot and he has done well for almost eight years. >> many feel the next pope got to be more charismatic and stronger. >> that a man in the full possession of his physical powers is going to be there. >> the college of cardinals will fill the responsibility. >> i do not know what else to do. i will wait instructions like everyone else. >> he steps down february 28. after that the cardinals will elect a new pope who will face something new. the living former public looking over his shoulder. >> are you hearing any prospects for who is likely to replace him? >> there is a short list. i will take off three names. two west african cardinals. and the canadian mark walette.
5:33 pm
acardinal ratzinger is pope benedict xvi. he was on the short list. if you look at the current short list, remember this. looking at the west africans and the canadian. there has not been a non- european pulp in -- including cardinal ratzinger. there has not been a non- europeans since the middle ages. something like 780. that is working against the three on that short list. that is the latest. >> thank you. for continuing coverage on the pope's resignation, go to our website, you can track can take a look back in his career and learn about his legacy on the abuse scandal. >> here's a look at other top stories. baltimore city police have made an arrest in a homicide 0 -- a woman found dead inside her
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home. jennifer conyers was found dead in her home but she died of head trauma, police said. a man was driving her car and use your atm card and admitted to using cocaine and heroin. carter met her using an online dating site but said he had not seen her for several weeks. the mayor is calling for sweeping changes tonight when it comes to the city's finances. while delivering her annual state of the city address, she later reform plans that include changes to city employee pensions and benefits as well as the city's tax structure and a vehicle fleet. the mayor said she wants to cut the city workforce by 10% and increase the number of hours that firefighters' work. a recently released financial forecast shows the city faces a $750 million budget deficit over the next decade. >> no state sales tax for certain items this weekend. it is the annual shot maryland
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energy weekend. you will not have to pay the state sales tax if you buy certain energy star products. >> if you're looking for an appliance like a washing machine or refrigerator, you might want to buy this weekend. >> that washer is $50 -- has a $50 energy rebates. >> this weekend is shop maryland's energy. on certain qualifying product you will not have to pay state sales tax and there is more savings than just that. >> if you buy $500 washer you do not the sales tax the savings can be $30. that can also have $100 of rebate. the manufacturer can have another rebate on top of that. which can be another 40 to $100. >> the idec here is consumers use more energy-saving products. >> appliances that qualify our
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refrigerators and we offer rebates of up to $150 for those. energy star clothes washers, rebates about to $100. we offered $25 rebates. >> this is the third year for the program. for taxpayers is a good way to save money. >> they have put in this tax free weekend for expensive appliances, dishwashers, and air-conditioning units. we're encouraging everybody to shop saturday, sunday and monday at locally owned businesses and you will avoid the 6% sales tax. how great is that? 12 01 a.m. s a12:010 >> more than 3000 passengers are stuck in the gulf of mexico. what brought their trip to hold and when they are expected to touch ground.
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>> a deadly shooting at a courthouse in delaware. courthouse in delaware.
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>> not your dream vacation. a carnival cruise ship with 3000 passengers on board is a draft in the gulf of mexico. the cruise was returning to dallas and from the yucatan peninsula when the engine caught fire. sometime today, a coastguar kotter is expected to toe the ship. -- a coast guard cutter is expected to tow the ship. >> a gunman killed his estranged wife and another woman. an exchange led to two officers wounded and the gunman dead. it is not clear whether the fatal shot was from police or the -- his own weapon. his motive was a custody
5:41 pm
dispute, the attorney general said. michael crane was shot and killed by christopher dorner on thursday. there were ambushed while there were at a parking -- a traffic light. crane leaves behind a wife and two young children. >> after her performance during the president's inauguration, beyoncé is venturing back to d.c. >> where she is headed and when we come back. >> people in mississippi assessing the damage and starting the cleanup after tornillo touchdown in hattiesburg. a closer look at the damage left behind. >> we have some rain here and we might have some snow
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>> as you have heard by now, pope benedict xvi has announced he is resigning later this month, citing his old age. local leaders react. stephanie rawlings blake spoke state of the city. th
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>> residents are still
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digging out after the storm. 100,000 customers remain in the dark. crews are working to clear snow and debris from streets along the coastline. in massachusetts, sandbags and a retaining wall of kept much of the waves from damaging homes. damage along the coast was still being assessed and no serious injuries were reported. it was mostly a lot of rain. there were more severe storms across the south. >> one storm produced a powerful tornado that tore through southern mississippi. >> aerial views confirmed it stayed on the ground for some 75 miles. officials say it gave people in its path plenty of time to seek safety. >> the governor said a half-hour
5:46 pm
warning the twister was coming kept serious casualties to a man -- a minimum. >> when a tornado is bearing down and gives you the opportunity to respond to give you a place of safety. >> only two people were critically injured. hattiesburg was hard hit by the twister which was caught on camera tearing through downtown on sunday. most businesses were closed. dozens of buildings were left mangled. including offices of the local red cross. >> the people were really devastated. they're not knowing where they're going today. >> hundreds of homes fell victim. all of which brought out the curious that prompted a warning from the governor. >> do not become a sightseer. this is not an amusement park. this is the scene of a disaster
5:47 pm
and we will treat you as such. >> hampering cleanup efforts was another line of storms monday that dumped more rain on already saturated ground. >> mi5 miles on the ground. that is a long time. >> it is normal for this time of year. you're getting the severe weather at breaks and that will migrate north. we will see what happens. it could be an active season. we will keep a close eye on another storm. it was this rain and you could see it moving through. it has been -- the rain has been gone for a while. the cause have been hanging around. that will change as we go through the night. it was a mild day so we did not have to worry. a 36-degree morning low.
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relatively mild. 52 for the high. 8 degrees above average. 6 below zero on the stay in 1999. that was in the middle of the worst arctic fabric to hit baltimore. five straight days of record cold, well below zero at night and on the single digits during that arctic outbreak. the high was only three. that is what was happening in 1899. temperatures are in the 50's. even western maryland. at 53. a cold front is rolling across the state tonight. clearing skies and lows by morning. it will be breezy behind this front. once it clears or region we will see high-pressure with some sunshine. but gusty northwesterly wind topping 25 miles an hour. this will race to the east and will not be a nor'easter but it
5:49 pm
might produce snow here especially wednesday night. here come the clouds ahead of that next system. partly cloudy conditions and rapidly increasing cloudiness wednesday. by the rush hour we are going to have a mixed bag of precipitation. snow to the north and west and rain in town and rain to the south and east. all that once the sun goes down wednesday evening could changeover to snow. for a few hours of snow, the potential is there for a few inches of snow. and early thursday morning. the snow will have ended but there may be a few inches on the ground complicating travel thursday morning with sunshine returning in the afternoon. this not one of those storms that is rolling up the coast. this is coming across the mountains. letter amounts, a two or 3 inch snowfall is the potential. 44 to 50 tomorrow. it will be breezy. 10 to 20 mile an hour winds. a small craft advisory on the bay for two to 3 foot waves.
5:50 pm
the temperatures drop during the 50's. highs are in the 30's. a good chance for snow on wednesday in western maryland. it will get cooler. gusty winds and sunny skies. that will produce mostly rain in ocean city. highs in the 40's. a quick moving system thursday morning. a break in the action friday. perhaps a break in the storms. another big nor'easter over the weekend depending on the position and the track of it. we could get some snow into sunday. >> or signs point to a merger between american airlines and u.s. airways with a formal announcement potentially coming this week. that could have an impact on your ticket prices. it is the fourth airline merger
5:51 pm
in three years. competition will raise ticket prices. it could mean a better traveling experience in the long run. that got accolades from some travelers in dallas. >> when you get on an airplane there is lighting and the bins will hold your bag. you will sit down in seats that were built in the last two or three years. >> for airline loyalists, reebok -- reward miles will be worth more because you have more roads to choose from. gas prices were sneaking up but it looks like they are increasing faster than expected. prices have jumped 1/4 of a gallon over the past two weeks. higher crude oil prices and refinery shutdowns are driving up the cost. tripoli reports the average price for a gallon of regular stands at $3.59 a gallon. with three days left until valentine's day, the warning. for anyone looking for love on
5:52 pm
line from the u.s. army. a nationwide award for single women in particular because cyber crooks are posing as servicemen overseas. they ask the victim eventually to send money to ease the pain of war. >> the xm does not fall for, they adjust their story on victim no. 2 and 3. >> most of the members of have lost $15 million. establish relationships with only who live nearby and ask early on for a face-to-face meeting. >> it is round two for beyoncé in d.c. and she has announced the nation's capital as one of her stops for hair world tour. if you're thinking you are going to purchase tickets for that july show, you may be out of luck. no other outlets have confirmed
5:53 pm
the this. tickets for her stop. the verizon center sold out in under one minute. tickets for the show on july 29 when on sale today at 10:00 a.m. and there were completely sold out before the clock struck 10:01 a.m. more tickets may be available for abc venue on a second date but we have not been able to confirm that. the show world -- the world to work begins a 15 in serbia. pope benedict xvi is expected to step down in two weeks. the announcement that sent shock waves around the world. the first resignation in 600 years. reaction from local catholic leaders at 6:00 p.m. the line >> if you're looking for something fun and different to do this valentine's day, we found it. i am kim dacey. i will explain, next.
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>> if you're looking for something different to do this valentine's day we might have found it. the tassels and champagne variety show. a variety show with all kinds of entertainment is coming to baltimore this week. hav for lesse and belly
5:57 pm
dance and a live band. >> the show is called "tassels and champagne." it is here in time for valentine's day. >> the theater will be set up differently than regular shows. we will have a cocktail table set up so people will sit to to a table if you get a package in advance and it can have champagne and chocolate. there will be seats in the back. >> there is truly something for everyone. whether you're coupled up or not this is your chance to see a truly unique show. >> you will not find anything else i " we're bringing to the table. it is a romantic evening. it will be laughing and enjoy yourself throughout the night. >> you can buy tickets in advance online.
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>> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. here is what is new at 6. >> the pope announces his resignation. reaction to the historic announcement next. >> the mayor gives a glimpse into how she plans to save the city from financial ruin in her state of the city address. i will have details in a live report. >> new details about the woman whose body was found after a fire in northwest baltimore. i will have that story coming next. watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> an historic announcement from pope benedict xvi. he revealed he is resigning sometime later this month. that is our big story tonight. this is the first time in 600
5:59 pm
years that a pope has decided to step down. >> the pontiff told a small group of cardinals about his decision. we have team coverage. more on the recent decision. >> the pope had always said he will step down if he got too old or too sick to carry out his duties. this came as a surprise to many. speaking to a small group of cardinals, pope benedict made a huge announcement. he is resigning. >> after having races -- examined my conscience i have come to the certainty that my strengths are no longer suited to the adequate exercise of the ministry. >> he said he will step down on february 28 making him the first pope to resign in 600 years. >> i am very much surprised and may be disappointed.


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